VSVI Dev Blog 4: Room Treatment for Bookworms

Not many people realize one of the greatest and most valuable methods for drying out and clearing a room- shelves loaded with books and other odds and ends. My workspace is a rough space of odds and ends, irregular shapes, nooks and crannies, and all sorts of places ideal for absorbing and dissipating sound waves. All those college textbooks, product manuals, books your parents bought you as gifts, anything… it’s ideal material to kill that room noise and give you a clear, dry tone ideal for sampling and recording, especially when coupled with good mic usage.

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New VSTi: Tubular Bells

Hey everyone!

I’m pleased to present my latest (and also first commercial) VSTi: some deep-sampled tubular bells! 5 velocity layers, 2x Round Robin, and some good samples. Feel free to check out this page for more information, or watch the video below, which as a demo by Nimble and a demo by me.

A Warm Welcome!

Recently I invited two great Newgrounders and fellow composers to join the ranks of Versilian Studios, Skye Wintrest and Nimble (Jose), and they agreed to come onboard! This is a huge turning point for this little company and I hope to bring more people in as time goes by so it can function more as a collaborative organ than a lone floating cell. As part of this, I also (AGAIN) redesigned the site to get rid of the dark medieval feel and replace it with a bit more art noveau/art deco feel (I get them mixed up all the time for some reason), mainly because I’ve been playing lots of that glorious thing called Civilization V lately…

Skye specializes in ambient/electronic music and sound effect synthesis.

Jose is a fellow Finale user and specializes in all sorts of modern musical craziness from jazz to post-tonal.

Be on the look out for their music and links to their stuff showing up on the site soon, and also for possibly more people joining the team!

As always, Keep compos(ed/ing)!


P.S. Did you download my zither yet?

Projects Galore!

Everyone loves a good project! 😀

So lately I’ve been working on scoring a secret project with lots of dark epic battle tracks (not much out of the usual in that)! I also just finished up some redos on the score for WoA, a long term project that I finished a few months back, but revisited to make room for a vocalist! Woot!

In the realm of personal projects, I’ll be starting my WISE project- a very long programmatic piece about a trip through Washington D.C. this week. Lotsa fun! I also began work on a large game today… here’s all you get- one little screenie. If it actually gets going somewhere, I’ll keep posting about it.