VSVI Dev Blog 2: VSCO- The Next Steps

A few months ago, we released VSCO 1.0, a free collection of some miscellaneous orchestral-themed sampled instruments. VSCO 1.0 was limited, and had some issues with user-friendliness among other things. However, now I’m hard at work over the next few weeks (read: months) revamping and replacing most of the old samples with new ones that are of much finer quality (read: not cut from random recording sessions of tracks I’ve made in the past or hastily played on borrowed instruments by me).

In VSCO 2, the plugin will behave as a single-instrument type of deal where the user loads up one instrument per instance. This will get through a few pesky bugs that were going on and will better play to Maize’s strong points. We’ll also be including multiple articulations per instrument, switchable by keyswitch, to allow more varied use. In addition, it’ll also have a slick new GUI, a broader and higher quality range of instruments, and more attention to detail with the samples.

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