Results of October sales for donation!

Earlier this month, we announced we would be making a donation towards Luftrum’s KVR Charity Fund Drive equivalent of 1/4th of our monthly sales. Even without the release of a for-sale product, the generous donations and continued support of individuals around the world has enabled us to donate $50 to assist children in Syria. In addition, we also have auctioned off a special lifetime membership for a total of $40, and two product bundles as well. In all, we have raised a total of $115 to help the cause, which is a really fabulous prospect to think about. If a lone customer did not e-mail me letting me know about the charity fund drive, all this might not have happened.

Next  year, we hope to be able to donate much more, and with the continued support and feedback from customers, that will definitely be possible!

Keep compos(ed/ing)!

-Sam Gossner

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