KVR Charity Fundraiser

Hello everyone,

We are supporting the KVR fund drive for Save the Children run by Luftrum this year by offering a few of our products and a special lifetime subscription for bidding. All proceeds from the bidding go directly to Save the Children, a charity organization, with the intent of being sent to help children in Syria. Consider checking out the massive array of items available for bidding from a variety of amazing developers and companies around the world, which we are honored to be able to list our products next to.

Here’s what we are offering:

  • two bundles of all the Versilian Studio products including: Dan Tranh ($25), Xylophone ($15), Tubular Bells ($10) and Zither (free). Available in 32- or 64-bit VST + AU and Kontakt format!
  • One lifetime subscription to all VS products produced now and forever!

Follow this link to the one and only official bidding thread on kvraudio.com.

In addition, note that 25% of all our profits this month will be given to the charity at the end of the month. I’ll be blogging as we make progress and with the final total! I’ll also be putting up a few special side-projects this month to encourage donations including some small but unique sound effect libraries that will be available for free or donation.

One last bit of business- anyone visiting our store might notice that you get a 10% discount if you purchase two or more items. 🙂

Keep compos(ed/ing)!


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