Upcoming Projects

We are pleased to announce not one but TWO upcoming products!

The first one has been advertised on the site for a few months, the Dan Tranh- a vietnamese zither. This is really deep sampled and has tons of unique features like an entire set of effects, tremolo, recorded vibrato, and more. Keep an eye out this coming weekend for the release- we will be running the same sort of deal as with the Xylophone!

The second product is a deep-sampled timpani including Round Robin, rolls, two mics, and a lot of velocity layers. Like the Tubular Bells, we aimed to create a DYNAMIC instrument that will respond very differently under different velocities. This will be both a Kontakt and standard release. We’re aiming to release this late September, but it may end up earlier or later depending on how things go.

After that, we’ll be working on a mix of ethnic/unusual instruments and Orchestral Percussion, so keep an eye out!

-Sam Gossner, Versilian Studios

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