A Warm Welcome!

Recently I invited two great Newgrounders and fellow composers to join the ranks of Versilian Studios, Skye Wintrest and Nimble (Jose), and they agreed to come onboard! This is a huge turning point for this little company and I hope to bring more people in as time goes by so it can function more as a collaborative organ than a lone floating cell. As part of this, I also (AGAIN) redesigned the site to get rid of the dark medieval feel and replace it with a bit more art noveau/art deco feel (I get them mixed up all the time for some reason), mainly because I’ve been playing lots of that glorious thing called Civilization V lately…

Skye specializes in ambient/electronic music and sound effect synthesis.

Jose is a fellow Finale user and specializes in all sorts of modern musical craziness from jazz to post-tonal.

Be on the look out for their music and links to their stuff showing up on the site soon, and also for possibly more people joining the team!

As always, Keep compos(ed/ing)!


P.S. Did you download my zither yet?

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