New Website is live!

Howdy all, I just finished updating the website… now the blog is embedded IN the website thanks to the wonders of iframes! šŸ˜€


I’ll be using this blog often to post about recent projects, upcoming works, and so on, so feel free to follow it or just bookmark this page or the page on the website.

In addition, I have decided to split up the website into the following categories:

  • Website News– updates, downtime, new sites I put stuff on
  • Game News– games I am making or helping to work on graphics-wise
  • Music News– information on pieces being used places, played, written, arranged, deleted, fed to llamas, reviewed, and so on
  • MuseNews (under Music News)- My ramblings about techniques and strategies to writing music
  • Cool Tangs– things I find on the internet that are not mine but are cool anyways.
  • Random Musings– things unrelated to any of the above.

Enjoy the blog!


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